A world of precious jewellery that speaks to you and tells a story of who you are.


Her beliefs, her experiences, her desires,
These are the things that she holds dearest,
That make her who she is -
Compellingly different, startlingly rare.
We capture these evocative ideas into pieces of jewellery
To tell the story of all that she is.
Her Story.

Story and Ethos

Her Story is a modern precious jewellery brand that designs jewels based on what drives a woman: experiences, values, aspirations and emotions. Who she is beyond how the world perceives her..

Stirred by her multidimensional personality, Her Story believes that the path to creating truly precious diamond jewellery cannot be in isolation, and must pass through the world of the modern woman. One who leads a life that is aligned with her sense of self. She is an explorer of ideas, a collector of experiences, and a teller of stories. Outside of all other roles and ties—how would she write her story? 

Design and Craftsmanship

After years of deep consumer insight, design and development, Her Story captures these ideas into inspired jewellery collections. Each jewel is intuitively created with one point of view—capturing and expressing true character through creativity, craft and design. Each piece is as much of value for what it lets the woman say about herself, as it is for how it looks or feels.

Exceptional handcrafted and nuanced pieces have led to a unique collection of experiences-led jewels. Exquisite and unique diamond cuts, inspired engineering, surprising designs; all become the ideal background against which Her Story comes to life. Within the sophisticated ethos of the brand, which is modern, elegant and introspective, the jewels celebrate a quiet delight.

Exquisite craftsmanship brings the most evocative jewellery ideas to life.


Her Story teams across Europe and Asia work closely to bind fresh insights, creative concepts, multi-disciplined design talent and engineering expertise to unique jewellery ideas that connect to the modern woman. What goes behind Her Story is a powerful ecosystem that can bring a form to any concept. From accessibility to the finest diamonds and the best-in-class design, Her Story comes alive within a dynamic network that brings the most evocative jewellery ideas to life. The Her Story team is united by the passion to create fine jewellery that is precious because of the meaning it holds and the story it tells.

Walking Tree

Her Story is presented by Walking Tree. The Walking Tree group’s curated, consumer-driven retail brands have each been born of a vision to make jewellery more relevant and relatable to the contemporary, discerning buyer. Each brand is defined by an identity that brings rich complexity into a single, inspiring idea. These ideas become value-propositions and products powered by cutting-edge design facilities, manufacturing units and communication.