Heart of Blue

“There is this duality within me. A beautiful tension of chaos and calm that flows within my every nerve.”

There is a duality within me.

Through experiences that make the heart race while giving a sense of peace,
all coming together in a fine balance.

Evocatively captured in the serenity and bustle of Jodhpur's blue bylanes.
A beautiful tension of chaos and calm.

Evocatively captured by the kaleidoscopic blues of Jodhpur—the busy bylanes juxtaposed against the serene blue walls.

Jewel - Colour stone inlay work captures method in the chaos.
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Designing a methodical order to the chaos is the colour stone inlay work of lapiz and turquoise that comes together in a fine symphony of creativity and precious stones.

A unique take on the classic bangle.
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Earrings - A meticulous order is reflected in a swirl of hues.
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Ring - Fancy-cut diamonds patterned in rose gold.
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Pendant - Coloured stones are inlaid in a kaleidoscopic pattern.
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The above is a curation of a few of our jewels from the Heart of Blue collection.
To view the entire collection, please visit us at Our Boutique

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Heart of Blue


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