Keeper of Heartstrings

Perhaps I am made for an earlier era.

She is the

Keeper of Heartstrings

She is the invisible thread

The silent anchor,

Weaving love and togetherness

Wherever she goes.

She is the centre of all worlds

And the keeper of heartstrings.

Inspired by places that remain timeless regardless of the years that pass.
A beautiful amalgam of heritage and modernity.

The spirit of a woman who forms bonds of love and togetherness wherever she goes is beautifully reflected in this collection through classic jewels in a delicately-linked design.

Jewel - elegant, like the evergreen weaves of Lucknowi Chikankari embroidery.
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Delicately linked, flexible rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds are patterned around an exquisite rose quartz. Elegant and intricate, these jewels are defined by subtle tone-on-tone hues and a classic silhouette.

Delicate tone-on-tone hues, complemented by softly-linked jewels.
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Pendant - rose-cut and full-cut diamonds sparkle brightly on rose gold.
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Diamonds are patterned around elegant, centred rose quartzes.
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Ring - Showcasing intricate and nuanced craftsmanship.
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The above is a curation of a few of our jewels from the Keeper of Heartstrings collection.
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Keeper of Heartstrings


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