Laughter in the Rain

I feel the French spirit of la joie de vivre.

She is

Laughter in the rain

She is sunshine on a cloudy day,

She is laughter in the rain,

She smiles with the happiest of hearts,

She glows with endless hope

Like the first day of Spring.

Filled with bursts of colour, lightness of spirit and hope.
Buoyant, like Paris in the springtime.

The metaphor of Paris in the springtime, filled with bursts of colour, lightness of spirit and hope, is woven through each jewel that looks at the first spring blossom in its abstract form.

Jewel - the romantic, happy blooms of spring.
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The three-dimensional jewels showcase a stunning ombré effect in a splash of pink sapphires evoking joy. The buoyant personality of a woman who glows with endless positivity is illustrated in this collection through vibrant jewels that evoke the brightness of spring blossoms. The jewels are designed with extraordinary craftsmanship to create a fine flexible mesh, while sparkling rose-cut diamonds are reminiscent of glistening dewdrops that caress the blossoms.

Cuff - delicate petals curl around the wrist.
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Earrings - splashes of colour evoke joy.
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Pendant - interlinked, sparkling rose-cut diamonds reminiscent of dew drops.
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Ring - three-dimensional rose-gold jewels pavé-set with ombré pink sapphires.
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The above is a curation of a few of our jewels from the Laughter in the Rain collection.
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Keeper of Heartstrings

Laughter in the Rain


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