It is that maddening momentum of life that fuels my inner spirit.

She is


Few women dream like her...

Without limits, beyond all bounds.

And in all her madness,

She dares like no other.


In spite of hurdles.


In the face of doubt.

The dynamism of New York's high-rises exemplifies this spirit.
There is a heady momentum to experiences that ignite a fire in one’s soul.

Exemplifying this spirit, the always-awake high-rises of New York are captured in these powerful, structural jewels.

Jewels - powerful and structural.
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Dramatic edges, faceted diamonds, extruded metal, elevated designs and bold forms come together in edgy silhouettes that bring to life a driving sense of achievement, empowerment, unstoppable determination and fiery focus.

Cuff - a geometric three-dimensional design, crafted in rose gold.
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Attention-grabbing jewels capture the moments that make the heart race.
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Pendant - sharp silhouettes and faceted diamonds create an eye-catching effect.
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Ring - dramatic edges, extruded metal and bold forms come together.
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The above is a curation of a few of our jewels from the Limitless collection.
To view the entire collection, please visit us at Our Boutique

Laughter in the Rain



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