Spirit of the Wild

I live for the moments that set me free.

She is a

Spirit of the Wild

Raw and untamed

Her soul belongs to the wild.

Unapologetic, unabashed

She chooses the path seldom taken

With wings that reach for the sky,

She flies, she flies.

Jewels as light and graceful as the feather of an Amazonian macaw.
Jewels that use the metaphor of the Amazonian macaw for the free spirited modern woman.

Captured through the Amazonian macaw in a flourish of colour and fluidity of movement. Symbolic wings caress the body gracefully, unfettered, in adventurous shapes and unstructured silhouettes.

Earrings that capture a plumage of feathers in flight.
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In a stunning gradation of colour and sparkle—ombré pink sapphires, diamonds and rose gold are pavé-set on light, movable feathers, with nuanced craftsmanship to evoke the magnificence of a bird in flight, on a path of its own.

Layered feathers individually handcrafted in a Plume Ring with a soft fluttering effect.
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Earrings with a stunning gradation of colour and sparkle.
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Pendant - pink sapphires, white diamonds, rose gold pavé-set on light, movable feathers.
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Ring - nuanced craftsmanship evokes a bird in flight.
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The above is a curation of a few of our jewels from the Spirit of the Wild collection.
To view the entire collection, please visit us at Our Boutique

Heart of Blue

Spirit of the Wild


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