Whisper in the Wind

I love escaping into a world of my own.

She is a

Whisper in the Wind

It is often the gentlest souls,

That weave the strongest fabric

In the journey of life.

Within every seam of her being,

Lies quiet sensitivity

That softens every heart.

Through intimate moments and experiences that give the space to be.
A dream-like magic to moments in which one may disconnect from reality.

The quiet sensitivity of a woman who softens hearts on her journey through life is captured in this collection through floating jewels that evoke the delicate lace of Chantilly.

Jewel - the delicate lace of Chantilly weaves surreal patterns.
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This comes alive with beautifully tranquil tulip-shaped solitaire diamonds that are accentuated by soft scalloped edges of rose-cut diamonds—crafted in the en-tremblant technique. Set in white gold to exemplify the wistful sheerness of the filigree, the jewels are expertly crafted to mirror the slightest movement and float with the flexibility and lightness of the finest lace.

Earrings - expertly crafted in the en-tremblant technique.
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The jewels emulate the slightest movement of the wearer.
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Diamonds float with the lightness of the finest lace.
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Ring - Tulip-shaped solitaires accentuated by soft scalloped edges of rose-cut diamonds.
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The above is a curation of a few of our jewels from the Whisper in the Wind collection.
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Whisper in the Wind


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